Questions & Answers

Use this form to submit questions about the contest to the judges. Answers will be posted here if applicable to all teams, or responded to in an email.

Answered Questions

Q: Who can apply?
A: If you are 18+, attending a university, and love building / coding, then you are eligible to apply!

Q: How big can the teams be?
A:No limit. All individuals on the team must be registered prior to the event.

Q: I’ve never coded before…can I still attend?
A: Of course! This competition is open to any and everyone, whether you are experienced or completely new to robotics. So you are welcome to register and compete! A good way to get started would be with our hardware or NXT kits (if you’re a VCU student) or looking online for line-following and maze-solving robot “recipes”.

Q: What if I need special accommodations?
A: Please contact the event organizers using the contact form.

Q: What tape is used to make the line and track surface for the line-following course?
A: White 0.5″ Gaff Tape, Behr Premium Plus Paint – “Carbon” color, OSB 7/16″ Plywood Sheets’

Q: Does the robot need to stay exactly the same for both courses or can components be added/removed/rearranged?
A: The robot can be changed between courses or between runs. Both software and hardware can be changed.

Q: Are we able to test the robot on the actual built track before the competition date or do we have to create our own track in order to do tests?
A: A practice day will be set up approximately two weeks before the event. Partial installation of both tracks will be available then for testing.

Q: My aluminum kit wheels don’t fit the motors!
A: That’s our bad! It can be fixed easily though. If you have access to a drill press:
1. Remove the two set screws from the wheel.
2. Using a 1/4″ bit, drill out the center hole.  It should self-center against the existing hole.
3. Replace set screws.
4. Check that the wheel now fits the motor.
To have this done for you at VCU, email The process only takes a few minutes.

Q:Will the maze present during the practice time o competition day be the same as the maze present during the competition portion?
A: Yes it will.