IEEE Robotics Competition hosted at VCU

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Directions and Parking

Directions and Parking

The Rambotics 2020 event will take place in Snead Hall, VCU Engineering East Hall. This is located at the following address:

401 West Main St, Richmond, VA 23284

There are several parking decks are available, with the closest being:

801 West Main St, Richmond, VA 23284

Since the event will take place on the weekend, parking in the designated 2-hour and paid parking spots on the street are generally free and unenforced. However, please check the signs on the day of. There will be parking on West Main, Pine Street, and Cumberland Street.

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The Gist

Have you ever dreamed of building an autonomous robot? Are you looking for a chance to improve your programming or robotics skills? How about a thirst for competition? Well, you’re in luck!

Rambotics is a 3 hour intercollegiate competition that is designed to challenge both entry level and experienced coders, engineers, and any other students interested in problem solving. This competition brings together students to create robots and compete in 3 different challenges, each with a unique twist: drag racing, line following and maze navigating.

For the drag-racing competition, the challenge is designed for the participants to develop their skills in developing code to control the robots at the fastest speed, all while maintaining their position in a straight line.

For the line following, there are different checkpoints and turn objectives that you’ll need to complete to earn points. On the other hand, the maze navigation have their own set of challenges, such as dead ends and/or 3D printed obstacles!

So what are you waiting for? Register and get started!

Oh yeah, did we mention the cash prizes?

When? April 11, 2020 Where? VCU East Engineering Hall Who? Undergrad & Grad Students

The Courses

There are 3 challenges, each on their own course. The first challenge is going to be a drag race, where participants need to reach the finish line as fast as possible while maintaining their position.

The second challenge is the line following course. The robot will need to follow a line from start to finish, and there will be a series of turns that must be completed.

The third challenge will be a maze navigation course. This course will involve going through a maze which may or may not have obstacles in them. The goal is to reach the end in the fastest way possible.

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The Courses
The Bots

The Bots

Have your own supplies? Great! You’re all ready to start building. Click below to learn more about the robot requirements and specifications.

Not sure what you’ll need? That’s is okay, everyone starts somewhere! We have robot kits that contain all the different parts you will need to compete. Click below to learn more.

Robot KitsView Build Log

Ask the Judges

As you develop your robot, you may have questions about the rules or contest format.  Check here to see if your question has been answered, and if not, send it to the judges!  Any questions will be addressed and posted here.

Questions & Answers

How to get started

Not sure where to start? We got some tips for you! Follow the link below to get started!

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Sponsorship Levels


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  • 10 minute keynote speech
  • Prominent mention during event


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  • 5 minute talk
  • Mention during event


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Any excess funds left over from the event will be used toward supporting IEEE Student branch at VCU, including the future future Rambotics Events.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Interested Parties should contact Philip O'Connor (oconnorpl@vcu.edu, 804-828-9551) for more information regarding sponsorship. The following self-service form can also be used: